Rosh Pinah partner bets on the land with organic produce

Micha Landman – hail, hearty and healthy

Micha Landmann is co-founder and Director at the Southern African Development Agency (Sadea) and Business Development Manager for the Orange Lion Hospitality and Real Estate Solutions GmbH in Germany.  He is also an associate of Rosh Pinah Properties.  

South African with German roots, Micha has over 12 years professional international experience and holds a dual German Master’s Degree in Architecture and International Building Science, conducted a one-year internship at Bensley in Thailand funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany, and in addition, completed a Bachelor in Tourism at the School of Tourism in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.  

In recent years, he has been involved extensively in international business development. With this impressive pedigree,  he recently opened an organic outlet for local produce in Pretoria – sourcing from organic farmers. Rosh Pinah caught up with him, in between serving customers and taking delivery of beautiful sweet peppers.

RP: You are a managing director of a multinational development organisation – what are the current challenges you face?

ML: Staffing and balancing my passions.  I love the tourism and investment side and I have discovered how important the organic produce story is to me.  Our success is going to depend on the success of our local suppliers, quality of produce, customer engagement and nutritional education.

RP: What has been your most satisfying investment/development project from a business and personal perspective?
ML: I have worked on some pretty impressive resorts in the Far East, which have been challenging. I have also enjoyed helping startups in the tourism industry.  What I am doing right now with the Village Pantry is very satisfying.  We are not only running a small shop, but have visions of building an organic eco system within the area – one that includes a farm and a kitchen to supply our store with organic meals.
RP:  Why did you invest in an organic food store?  
ML:  When I arrived in Pretoria at the beginning of last year, I searched the city in order to source raw cow’s milk.  There was no immediate outlet other than going to the farmer.  So I decided if I wanted to live the lifestyle I wanted in the city and country I had chosen to settle in, I decided to source these products myself and also provide good food to everyone here in Waterkloof.
RP:  What does that say about you as an investor?
ML: That you can apply the same principles to a small business that you would to a huge resort.  You still need a business plan, you need to analyse all the elements you would when you make an investment decision.  Whatever I do I do with passion and whole heartedly.
RP: How do you see 2017 and its potential for you as a business person?
ML: I am optimistic.  I see great opportunities in this venture – small as it is, and in the venture we are doing together with Resource Co. and Rosh Pinah Properties in Zambia.  I am going to have fun this year, while being serious about the business at the same time.
RP: A favourite read this December?
ML: I was enjoying my first Pretorian summer here at home in Waterkloof, manning my first Village Pantry store, housesitting for friends and looking after some dogs – so that took up most of my time!

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