2017 – that was the year that was!

“Well real estate is always good as far as I am concerned.” Donald Trump

Perhaps Donald should have stuck to real estate rather than politics!  2017 has been a roller coaster year for South Africa’s commercial property sector – from changes in Ministers of Finance, to downgrades and tightening of fiscal belts, we at Rosh Pinah have found it a challenging trading year – both for buyers and sellers.  Yet, we remain optimistic in the long term that there is still great opportunity in SA’s property sector and Africa too beckons for those with vision and foresight. Thank you to our clients and colleagues for their support this year – The team at Rosh Pinah Properties.

What was 2017 like for you?

We asked members of our team and associates for their views.

Rosh Pinah team members 1
Members of the Rosh Pinah team. Clockwise from left: John Byrne, Richenda Mostert, Kerry Botha and René Styber

“The years are not getting easier. But as South Africans we need to look around the world and see how blessed we are.”  Burton Meyer, CDH.

It has been an exciting year, a learning curve and an “annus horribilis.” Richenda Mostert, Rosh Pinah

2017 was a great year to build relationships. Out of these I know business opportunities will flow.” Kerry Botha, Pleiades

“I work in Africa, because it’s the last frontier, where we can make a difference.” Micha Landman, SADEA.

“We worked extremely hard this year, which was a year of sizzle with lots of fizzle!” Penny Scribante, Rosh Pinah.   

“We expect great things in Southern Africa and believe we will contribute towards a greater continent.” Patricia Potgieter, Rosh Pinah.

Hopefully 2018 will provide some of the rewards from the efforts of 2017!” John Byrne, Rosh Pinah.

This past year has had its share of challenges. I am trusting next year will be bigger and better.”Yeta Mbangweta, Progress Cargo, Zambia.

“2017 was definitely a year of sowing.  We believe we will be reaping some of our hard work in 2018.” René Styber, Rosh Pinah.

Rosh Pinah team members 2
Rosh Pinah team members. Clockwise: Burton Meyer, Penny Scribante, Chris Micha Landman and Patricia Potgieter

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